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car snowglobe lantern
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Traditional Snowball Lanterns

A Christmas Snow Globe Lantern (also known as a Christmas Water Globe Lantern) is a transparent spherical lantern, traditionally made of glass, that encloses some sort of miniature scene, such as Santa Claus and a Christmas tree. The snowflakes in snowball lanterns are made from gold leaf particles or insoluble soap flakes. At first, these “snowflakes” were filled with waste cotton batting, and later some chemicals were used, that is, “artificial snow”.

The liquid in the Snowball Lantern is also of interest. The ingredients are water, antifreeze (ethylene glycol) and glycerin. In addition to being environmentally friendly, glycerin also slows the fall of snowflakes.

As the snowball lanterns shake, snowflakes fall slowly in the water, creating a romantic snowy scene. Snowballs sometimes have a built-in music box that plays a song. Christmas snow globe lanterns are often used as collectibles.

Special Snowglobe Lanterns in AOFUTE

That’s right, in addition to the traditional snowball lanterns, AOFUTE also has special styles, which are custom-developed by AOFUTE – car shape (you can also call Christmas Truck Glitter SnowGlobe Lantern) and Mini train snowball lanterns, This is a special product that is different from the traditional snowball lanterns on the market.

car snowglobe lantern

Flashing lanterns in the shape of cars add to the Christmas atmosphere. When turned on, warm LED lights illuminate the figurines and spinning strobe lights, giving our Christmas snow globe a colorful look this Christmas season.

snowglobe lantern train

The little train lights up the water lanterns to enhance the Christmas atmosphere. When turned on, warm LED lights illuminate the figurines and spinning strobe lights, giving our Christmas snow globe a unique look this Christmas season. This is the best decoration for Christmas.

AOFUTE – Christmas Snowglobe Lantern Manufacturer

As an enterprise with 20 years of production experience, AOFUTE provides customers with one-stop business services from quotation, design, manufacturing, testing, packaging, inspection, delivery, and after-sales service. We have a number of professional certifications, including BSCI, SEDEX, CE, etc.

We produce snow globes, snow globe lanterns and acrylic lights, supporting wholesale and customization. The scene, appearance, color, water injection, light color, etc. of Christmas decorations all support customization. MOQ is 600pcs.

AOFUTE is the best Christmas decorations manufacturer worldwide. At AOFUTE, we specialize in designing, producing, and wholesale snow globes and snow lanterns of the highest quality. Launched in 2002, we have established an enviable list of clients all over the world. The annual output is 2 million pieces, which are exported to 26 overseas countries and regions.

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