The Best Home Decor Picks of 2023

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With the passing of Christmas, the New Year of 2023 is coming. Are you considering adding some decorations to your home to have an excellent 2023? AOFUTE recommends snowglobe lanterns and snowglobe decorations for you.

Why snowglobe lanterns and snowglobe decorations are one of the best home decoration choices?

  1. Applicable all year round
  2. Quality clearance to bring you a perfect product experience
  3. Best gift, anytime
  4. Never out of date, people always love this kind of decorations

What AOFUTE Supply?

AOFUTE is the best home decorating manufacturer worldwide. At AOFUTE, we specialize in designing, producing, and wholesale snow globes and snow lanterns of the highest quality. Launched in 2002, we have established an enviable list of clients worldwide. The annual output is 2 million pieces exported to 26 overseas countries and regions. We produce snow globes, lanterns, and acrylic lights, supporting wholesale and customization. The Christmas decorations’ scene, appearance, color, water injection, light color, etc., all support customization. MOQ is 600pcs.

Angel Acrylic Lamp

angel acrylic light

This angel acrylic lamp is an attractive decoration with three light colors. It is made of acrylic, which is wear-resistant, heat-resistant, and not easy to fade, which can prolong its service life. In the new beginning of 2023, the angels bring good luck to you and your friends. Put angel acrylic lamps in your home to add a New Year atmosphere and signify blessings and peace throughout the year.

Acrylic Snow Globe with Birds

acrylic snow globe

Inside the acrylic snow globe, two birds whisper on a branch. And the sparkling sequins floating in the water add a touch of New Year’s spirit. Our Christmas snow globe supports installation music and has two warm and white light modes. Indoor use.

Lighted Lantern Snow Globe


In the New Year, the birds with snowball lanterns add to the atmosphere of 2023. Snowflakes drift by, and the red birds cuddle up to each other, implying to bring hope and courage to 2023. When turned on, warm LED lights illuminate figurines and swirling strobe lights to brighten up your 2023 year.

At AOFUTE, we specialize in designing, producing, and customizing the highest quality snow globe lanterns. The scene, appearance, color, water injection, light color, etc. of the Christmas snow globe lights all support customization. Launched in 2002, AOFUTE has built an enviable client list worldwide. A powerful factory that can meet all your requirements!

 At the same time, we also provide wholesale snow globe and snow globe lantern business. You can view our product list, find the product that suits you and get in touch with us.

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