Your Best Snowglobe Lantern Manufacturer: a Comprehensive Guide

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Looking to add a little bit of magic to your holiday decor this year? Check out our guide to the best snow globe lantern manufacturers – AOFUTE who knows how to craft beautiful lamps that will bring a touch of enchantment to your home. From traditional lanterns adorned with snowflakes and icicles, to intricately designed miniature landscapes, we’ve got you covered.

Snowglobe lanterns manufacturers worldwide

As a world-renowned manufacturer of Christmas gift lights and Christmas decorations, AOFUTE has 20 years of production experience, launching more than 100 styles of snow globe lights every year. We have an independent R&D and production base, which can provide customers with one-stop business services from quotation, design, manufacturing, testing, packaging, inspection, delivery, and after-sales service.
Besides, we strictly control the quality of our products and have many professional certifications such as BSCI, SEDEX, and CE. Products with quality problems can be returned for free.

Snowglobe lanterns types

AOFUTE focuses on the production of the highest quality snowball lanterns, with over 50 product styles, and supports wholesale. In addition, AOFUTE tends to provide you with customized solutions, including interior scenes, appearance, color, water injection, lighting color, etc. As a powerful factory, it can meet all your requirements! The following are the latest styles of Christmas gift lights in 2023:

Christmas Candlestick Lantern
This is a snow globe lamp based on a candlestick, and the customizable three-dimensional interior scene adds a more festive atmosphere. The interior of the candle holder is made of resin, and the light snowflakes float in the antifreeze water, hazy and dreamy. The base is made of antique copper, so you don’t have to worry about breaking it during use. Product size: 10.5*10.5*25cm. Browse the candlestick lantern introduction.

MEI04307 christmas candlestick

Car Shape Glitter Lanterns
The 2023 year’s Christmas is very different. Santa’s car has been upgraded to a vehicle. He drives a red car loaded with Christmas trees and gifts and sends sincere blessings to thousands of families. When used, warm LED lights illuminate figurines and floating snowflakes with a refracted glow that can brighten small rooms. Check out our car shape glitter lantern.

MEI04424 snowglobe lantern

Church Lantern Snow Globes
The snowglobe lantern in the shape of a church is mainly made of bronze, which will not change color after many years of use. Inside the sacred church, a family is praying devoutly, implying new expectations for the new year. Click here to get a quote for your lanterns.

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AOFUTE’s Services

At AOFUTE, we specialize in the design, manufacture, and wholesale of the highest quality snow globes and snow lanterns. Support customization and wholesale, the minimum order quantity is 600pcs. As our customer, you only need to go through 5 simple steps to get your exquisite water lanterns. Contact us and start your business now!

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