How To Make High-Quality Snow Globe Lanterns

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Well-made, high-quality snowglobe lanterns often carry people’s beautiful dreams and sincere blessings. So, how is a high-quality snow globe lantern born? How fascinating is the production line behind it? Next, AOFUTE will lead you step by step to explore the mystery of making snow globe lanterns.

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Step to make snow globe lanterns

STEP 1:Research & Design

The research phase begins with referencing images of your desired items in custom settings. Based on your reference images, we will use various artistic interpretations to create 2D design drawings to present the graphic renderings. We will confirm the statue’s layout, basic shape, color, and position and that the designed, finished picture has a good sense of reality. And do a finished drawing confirmation with you to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the vision of the final images.

After that, we will build the 3D model according to the confirmed design drawing. At this stage, we will work on the digital model design with unlimited changes until you agree that we can start producing your high-quality snowglobe lanterns. We will only confirm the order and arrange for you to pay the deposit this time.

STEP 2:The Sculpting/model Production Phase

Once our digital designs were agreed upon, it was time to make the mockups. Snow globe lantern engineering is very complex and requires meticulous molding work to produce it in quantity. Advanced equipment, such as CNC machines, must be introduced at this time. In addition, the snowball interior will be produced by injection molding to restore the scene with the highest precision and fidelity.

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STEP 3:Painting

After the snowglobe lantern’s interior is finished, the coloring process can begin, and this part of the work is also done by machine. AOFUTE is a snow globe lantern manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience. We have introduced a number of advanced production lines to produce snowballs in batches. No matter how large your quantity is, we can handle it. During the snow globe lantern painting session, you will receive close-up and detailed images of your paint setup from all angles and sides so that you can be confident in the final product.

STEP 4:Final Assembly Process

Once the painted sculpture is complete, it’s time to move on to the final assembly stage. The work at this stage is purely manual, requiring workers to assemble the products individually. Before mass production of snow globe lanterns, you will receive assembled snow globe samples for your final product confirmation. Once the mass production starts, we will complete the production within two months to ensure you receive your snow globe lanterns in the shortest possible time.

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Wholesale snow globe and snowglobe lantern from AOFUTE

Do you know AOFUTE? We are a global snow globe manufacturer specializing in designing, producing, and wholesale snow globes and snowglobe lanterns of the highest quality. In AOFUTE, you must only follow 5 simple steps to get your exclusive snow globe lanterns. From placing an order to receiving the goods, it only takes two months at the fastest.

With advanced production equipment and an R&D technical team of more than 80 people, we can provide you with high-fidelity, high-quality snowball lights at competitive prices. In addition, we support you in entrusting a third-party company to conduct product inspections to ensure quality. Our services include wholesale snow globes and lanterns, and custom Christmas gifts. In addition, our MOQ is 600pcs.

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