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We are thrilled to unveil AOFUTE’s exquisite collection at the highly anticipated International Fair of Lighting Equipment 2024 this year. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of festive wonder as you step into Hall 4, J8 Stand. From shimmering ornaments to dazzling light displays, AOFUTE sprinkles your holiday season with magic and makes your home truly shine.

What is the International Fair of Lighting Equipment 2024 in Poland

The International Fair of Lighting Equipment 2024, also known as the Warsaw Light Trade Show, is an annual event in Poland that showcases the latest and most innovative lighting equipment worldwide. It is a highly anticipated event for professionals in the lighting industry and anyone interested in cutting-edge lighting technology.

Poland International Lighting Equipment Exhibition was founded in 1993; it is the largest professional lighting exhibition in Poland and the most influential skilled in Eastern Europe, one of the lighting exhibitions. The exhibition is sponsored by the Polish Agencja SOMA exhibition company, the Polish Manufacturers Federation, and the Polish Lighting Association; its display of high-quality products and innovative designs attracts many visitors from Eastern Europe and EU countries every year.

Exhibiting products

Architectural lighting, street lighting, industrial lighting, outdoor lighting, indoor lighting, mall lighting decoration, lighting equipment (transformers, starters, cables, glass and plastic components, capacitors, power supplies, etc.), LED, table lamps, lamp strips, wall lamps, chandeliers, ornaments, floor lamps, table lamps, light sources, spotlights, armatures, various lighting accessories.

The upcoming edition of this prestigious trade show will take place from January 31 to February 2, 2024, at PTAK Warsaw Expo – one of Europe’s largest exhibition centers. The venue offers state-of-the-art facilities and ample space to accommodate thousands of visitors and exhibitors.

Why Attend

The International Fair of Lighting Equipment provides a platform for businesses to showcase their latest products, network with industry experts and potential clients, and gain valuable insights into market trends. It is an ideal opportunity for companies to expand their reach globally or enter new markets.

Moreover, attending this trade show allows visitors to discover new technologies and innovations in lighting equipment that can help enhance their business operations or add value to their personal spaces. From commercial buildings to residential homes, there’s something for everyone at this fair.

What Can You Expect

At the International Fair of Lighting Equipment 2024 in Poland, you can expect to see a wide range of products and services related to lighting, including:

  1. LED Lights: Discover the latest LED technology with energy-efficient and long-lasting lighting solutions for various applications.
  2. Decorative Lighting: From festive decorations to elegant chandeliers, this fair offers a diverse range of decorative lighting options for both indoor and outdoor use.
  3. Smart Lighting: Experience the future of lighting with innovative smart lighting solutions that offer convenience, energy savings, and customization options.
  4. Outdoor Lighting: Explore various outdoor lighting options, including street lights, floodlights, garden lights, and more.
  5. Professional Lighting: This fair section is dedicated to professional lighting products used in commercial spaces such as offices, hotels, restaurants, etc.
  6. Accessories and Components: Find everything you need for your lighting projects, from bulbs and sockets to control systems and accessories.

In addition to product displays from over 150 exhibitors, visitors can also attend seminars and workshops on energy efficiency in lighting design, regulations and standards in the industry, market trends and forecasts, and more.


Overview of AOFUTE

AOFUTE is a well-known brand in the world of Christmas decorations, offering a wide range of high-quality and exquisite products. Founded in 2003, AOFUTE has become one of the leading suppliers in the industry, with its headquarters in Zhongshan City, China.

The company designs and manufactures Christmas decorations, including snow globes, lanterns, acrylic lights, ornaments, and other festive items. With over 17 years of experience, AOFUTE has established a strong reputation for exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Product Range

AOFUTE offers diverse Christmas decorations to suit various styles and preferences. Their product line includes traditional red and green-themed decor and modern and unique designs perfect for contemporary homes.

Their collection features everything from small tabletop decorations to large outdoor displays catering to residential and commercial spaces. Each item is carefully crafted using high-quality materials such as PVC, metal wire frames, LED lights, and more.

Exquisite Designs

One of the standout features of AOFUTE’s products is their exquisite designs. The team at AOFUTE takes great pride in creating intricate details that add extra charm to their decorations.

Every piece reflects the brand’s commitment to quality and creativity, from delicate hand-painted ornaments to lifelike artificial trees with realistic textures. Whether you prefer classic or modern decor styles, AOFUTE has something for everyone.

Trade Show Light

AOFUTE also participates in trade shows and exhibitions worldwide, showcasing its latest collections and attracting buyers from different markets. These events allow customers to see the products in person and learn more about the brand.

Their dedication to creating high-quality products at competitive prices has earned them a loyal domestic and international customer base.

Overall, AOFUTE is a reputable brand that has established itself as a leader in the Christmas decoration industry. With its exceptional designs, diverse product range, and commitment to customer satisfaction, it continues to be a top choice for consumers looking for beautiful and enchanting holiday decor.

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