The History of The Snow Globe And Why People Love It

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History of the Snow Globe

The first mention of a snow globe is a figure with an umbrella exhibited at the Paris World’s Fair in 1878. Eleven years later, at the 1889 World’s Fair, visitors marveled at the steel structure of the Eiffel Tower. No examples remain of these first souvenir globes – but others introduced later suggest that the dome was built to commemorate the tower’s inauguration. The concept soon caught on throughout Victorian Europe, featuring religious themes and places of pilgrimage.

A few years later, Viennese Edwin Perzy had the same idea while researching ways to improve lighting in operating theatres. A glass sphere filled with water forms a magnifying glass by increasing the index of refraction.

Perzy dipped the frosted glass into the water to enhance the reflected light. As it sank rapidly, he tried semolina that slowly floated to the bottom of the sphere. It didn’t improve the light quality, but the snowfall inspired him to make his first snow globe: a replica of the Temple of Vienna in a glass bulb with water, chalk and rocks. The snow domes were so well crafted and painstakingly crafted that they are still in production today, with around 200,000 made each year outside Vienna.

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To be a widely disseminated global gift, globes need to be manufactured more efficiently. In 1927, American Joseph Garaja pioneered the production improvement of filling snow globes underwater. They went from expensive, individually crafted items to inexpensive mass-produced items. Masses grew in popularity in the 1940s as plastic use increased and tourism grew. Souvenirs are in high demand for those who can afford to travel with their families.

In response to this new market, the snow globe has been made lighter and dome-shaped on an opaque-colored base. By the 1950s, every city and roadside attraction had its snow globe souvenir.

Modern snow globe keepsakes have evolved to be more elaborate and complex. Novelty gift makers have upgraded the designs and components to make them one-of-a-kind gifts, often including beautiful landscape paintings. Some combine lights, music, and motors without shaking.

Why the Snow Globe so popular in the world

snow globe Christmas

1.The Snow Globe Looks Like Beautiful and you can enjoy the snow view anywhere

2.They are very delicate and suitable as Christmas gifts

The snow globe is full of snowflakes, the Christmas is the theme of Santa Claus and snow. Children look forward to seeing Santa’s gifts or decorations in the snowy landscape, and happily spend a perfect Christmas. And the Christmas snow globe is one of the most suitable gifts for Christmas, adding to the atmosphere of Christmas.

3. Great for home decoration

The coming Christmas is very suitable for the decorations of the Christmas atmosphere – Christmas snow globes. As if Santa Claus met you on the snow, like the Christmas tree, the Christmas snow globe is also a choice for Christmas home decoration.

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