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History of Christmas

Christmas, also known as Jesus Christmas and Nativity Day, is an important festival for Christianity to commemorate the birth of Jesus. Christmas originated in pagan culture and Roman culture.

December 25 was originally the sun god’s birthday, stipulated by the Roman Empire. Choose this day to celebrate Christmas because Christians believe Jesus is the righteous and eternal sun. After the middle of the 5th century, Christmas, as an important festival, became a church tradition.

In the middle of the nineteenth century, Christmas customs spread to Asia, Japan, Korea, etc., all influenced by Christmas culture. It has become a common custom in the West to give gifts to each other, hold feasts, and add a festive atmosphere with Santa Claus and Christmas trees, and it has become a public holiday in many regions.

What do Christmas trees represent

Around Christmas, an evergreen plant is placed inside or outdoors, decorated with Christmas lights and colorful ornaments, and an angel or star is placed on top of the tree. The Christmas tree originated in Germany, and pagan cultures decorated their homes with green to welcome the arrival of spring.

Evergreens are believed to have special powers because they remain green through the coldest and darkest days. The Romans would decorate their temples with fir trees and metal splinters during Saturnalia.

Today’s tree tradition comes from northern Europe, where pagan Germanic tribes decorated evergreens with candles and dried fruit in honor of the God Woden. In the 1500s, this tradition was incorporated into the Christian faith in Germany and decorated with sweets, toys, and more.

More Christmas tree decorations ideas

The new 2023 is about to usher in new beauty, and it is time to replace the old Christmas tree decorations. If you want to bring a different Christmas atmosphere and refresh the Christmas tree in 2022, please read the following article carefully. We’ve rounded up some fun Christmas tree ornaments to inspire you to decorate your tree.

angel acrylic light

Angel Acrylic Light

Angel comes from the Greek word “Angelos,” which refers to the messenger of God, representing holiness, goodness, integrity, and the protector sent by God (Allah) to protect believers from being infested by demons.

This angel acrylic light is a glamorous decoration with 3 lighting colors. It is made of Acrylic, which is hard-wearing, heat-resistant, and not easy to fade to prolong its service life.

Christmas Ball

Christmas decoration balls with stripes painted in red and white for a classic look. Christmas Ornament Balls made of clear acrylic sparkle in string lights, bringing vintage charm to your Christmas tree.

Street Lamp Snowglobe Lantern

With plastic as the main material, our street light snow globe lantern has a delicate indoor scenery. Vibrant colors make Santa lively and cute, filling the surrounding with a cheerful atmosphere. The lanterns have rings attached to the top, perfect for decorating your Christmas tree.

FLD083-WR35 lanterns

MEI04424 snowglobe lantern

Car Shape Christmas Glitter Lanterns

Christmas snow globe lanterns in the shape of cars add to the Christmas atmosphere. Santa Claus drives a red car with a Christmas tree, implying to bring hope and courage to 2023. When turned on, warm LED lights illuminate figurines and spinning strobe lights for a colorful look at your Christmas.

Why choose AOFUTE for your Christmas decorations suppliers

As an enterprise with 20 years of production experience, AOFUTE provides customers with a one-stop business service from quotation, design, manufacturing, testing, packaging, inspection, delivery, and after-sales service. We have several professional certifications, including BSCI, SEDEX, CE, etc.

We manufacture snow globes, snowglobe lanterns, and acrylic lights, supporting wholesale and custom. The Christmas decorations’ scene, appearance, color, whether to inject water, light color, etc., all support customization. MOQ is 600 pcs.

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