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Established in 2002, AOFUTE is a well-known Christmas decoration manufacturer of snow globes and Christmas gift lights. We supply hot-selling and beautiful snow globes and snow globe lanterns to the world.

As an enterprise with 20 years of production experience, we provide customers with one-stop business services from quotation, design, manufacturing, testing, packaging, inspection, delivery, and after-sales service.

This article will mention 5 options you may need to be aware of when customizing your Snow Globe or Snow Globe Lantern:

  • Confirm the product prototype

If you need to open a mold separately and design a new product, you can also contact AOFUTE. We provide a one-stop product service!

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  • Do you need a music function?

Fun Christmas ornaments usually need to be accompanied by music. It can perfectly set the mood of the scene. You can choose whether to add a music device to your Snow Globe and Snow Globe Lantern products. Snow globes and snow globe lantern products with musical functions are the perfect Christmas decorations.

  • Color Choices on Snow Globes or Snowglobe Lanterns

AOFUTE provides options of copper, golden, and silver, and you can freely customize the color of your snowglobe base or the appearance of the snowglobe lantern. Please choose according to market demand.

  • Product Lighting Selection

According to the design and market demand, choose the lighting tone of your product. It is recommended to use cold white lighting for product design with cool colors, and yellow lighting for product design with warm colors.

  • Customize the internal scene

AOFUTE’s snowball and snowball lantern products can customize the internal scene, such as the type and movement of the doll inside and the color selection of the snowflake inside. Let the product match the lighting to show a perfect side.

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Where to Get a Custom Snow Globe or Snow Globe Lantern

In addition to providing wholesale agency services for finished products, AOFUTE also provides product customization services. Users can customize snowglobes or snowglobe lanterns according to their own needs. At the same time, you can also clarify your product needs through the above 5 suggestions.

Please understand our customized product service process

Step 1: Your Idea

Step 2: Design Discussion

We will provide you with a digital design model to start a conversation to discuss and confirm the overall snow globe’s design, cost, and the estimated arrival time.

Step 3: Final Image

Once the product design is completed, we will send you the final images before we continue with the sample production.

Step 4: Ordering & Sample

At this stage, we will arrange a deposit (T/T 30% deposit in advance and balance against B/L or L/C). After that, our team starts processing the sample and mailing it to you.

Step 5: Produce

After confirming the sample, start the production of large quantities of goods. According to the quantity, the production time is 45-90 days.

Step 6: Delivery

Once completed, we’ll ship your snow lanterns direct to your door. All goods can be shipped from Zhongshan Port or Shenzhen Port.

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